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Letters from my field work

On the ground floor in newly renovated building for offices, a private nursery was opened (London.26th of August,2009) .

There was advertizing banner for the Open Day in front of the nursery ( London. 26th of August, 2009).

Coram’s Fields and the Harmsworth Memorial Playground

Camden, Central London( August,2006).

Drop in ( August, 2006)

Inside of Coram’s Fields Community Nursery ( August, 2006)

Calthorpe Project ( Camden, London. August, 2003)

Hunter Street Health Centre ( Camden, London. August, 2003)

Woman’s Statue in Trafalgar Square
Sculpture of Allison Lapper Pregnant Had been displayed from 2005 to 2007 on the Fourth Plinth(2006) in Trafalgar Square.